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Case Studies

DYXnet Success Story:Senator International Logistics

Creating Good Cross-border Data Transfer to Ensure System Stability


Founded in Germany, Senator International Logistics Limited (Senator International) possesses 25 years of experience in logistics and develops into an international cargo logistics enterprise. Senator International is well-known with its diversification and reliability of services, including air cargo, sea cargo, and other ancillary services, such as packaging and customs clearance. In recent years, Senator International also pays close attention to the growing Asia market and set up 5 regional services in China alone.


MPLS private network Mainly Used in Email System


污小说总裁整夜没拔出Senator International values Asia markets with offices in China, Thailand and Singapore, etc. In China, Senator International established offices in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Through DYXnet’s MPLS private network services, the Company’s internal email system is all linked up.


IT Manager of Senator International, Mr. Marco Wan, said, “In the past year, we are satisfied with DYXnet’s MPLS private network services. We started to adopt the services, establishing remote email transfer system. During the period, we are confident with DYXnet’s services and expand the services.”


Pursuit of Email System Stability


污小说总裁整夜没拔出Before using DYXnet’s MPLS private network services, Mr. Wan had tried to use various methods to build the email system for the Company, such as Internet based private network, PPTP private network and Linux SSL. However, he soon found out that the stability and data transfer performance of those systems did not meet his expectations.


Mr. Wan emphasized, “For MPLS private network services, our major concern is the stability of the system – how to maintain consistent operations in different regions. Senator International requires to perform real time data input and invoice issue. If disconnection or vulnerabilities of the email system occurs, the whole company’s operations will be affected, or even suffer unnecessary losses.” Mr. Wan added that the stability of DYXnet’s MPLS private network services best fits the expectation of Senator International. Even when minor failure happens, DYXnet’s service team can respond in a short time.


Quick Response from Service Team


Another advantage of DYXnet’s MPLS private network services is, it assigns professional team to help customers to solve any system problem quickly. Mr. Wan said, “We had experienced a delay in data transfer in our email system and immediately asked for DYXnet’s support. Fortunately, with DYXnet’s professional service team helping us to test every detail of our email system, our email system went back to normal in only a week.”


In addition, Mr. Wan found that DYXnet has a friendly sales team, introducing products by taking in consideration of customers’ needs. He concluded, “The sales team of DYXnet reviews our service portfolio with us regularly and introduce different services based on our latest development, enabling us to maintain a sustainable growth in a stable environment.” 

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